WRAPS  =  Watershed Restoration & Protection Strategies
See the 'What is a WRAP?' page for more information and a list of other WRAPS being performed in the region.

Grand Marais Creek Watershed: 
Located in the Glacial Lake Agassiz Plain and part of the Red River Basin in northwestern MN, the Grand Marais Creek watershed covers 298,264 acres. The Grand Marais Creek WRAP spans two Watershed Districts (Red Lake & Middle-Snake-Tamarac River) - see Project Location page.

Grand Marais Creek:
A tributary of the Red River, Grand Marais Creek runs 41 miles and has had multiple water quality impairments in various reaches including: dissolved oxygen, turbidity, pH, and E. Coli.

Our main focus is assessing the waters of the Grand Marais Creek Watershed against state water quality standards for aquatic life and aquatic recreation where waters:

  • ARE meeting those standards, protection plans are prepared.
  • ARE NOT meeting those standards, restoration plans are prepared + total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) are calculated.

Project Contacts

Jason Naber,
EOR biologist 

Myron Jesme,
RLWD administrator 

Corey Hanson,
RLWD water quality coordinator 

Nick Drees,
MSTRWD interim administrator

Denise Oakes,
MPCA Project Manager 

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